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The Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) is a third-generation Hubble Space Telescope (HST) instrument. ACS was installed during HST servicing mission 3B. During servicing mission 4, the ACS WFC was repaired after an electronics malfunction in 2006 and 2007.

Release of CALACS 2012.2 and new CTE-corrected data products

Late Breaking News

12 Mar 2015 ISR 15-02 by D. Borncamp "Results of the Updated ACS/WFC Distortion Correction" is now posted.

27 Feb 2015 New alignment and artifact correction routines, as well as a cookbook and test data, are available on the new ACS Selfcal page.

15 Dec 2014 The ACS stand alone de-stripe tool has now been updated to include CTE correction and object masking. Now available in ACSTOOLS.

11 Dec 2014 ISR 14-04 by J. Anderson "Local Pixel Bundles: Bringing the Pixels to the People" is now posted.

24 Nov 2014 An improved geometric distortion solution for ACS/WFC, as well as instructions for its usage, are available on the new Distortion Page, pending integration into the OPUS pipeline in later 2015.

19 Nov 2014 ISR 14-03 by J. Anderson & S. Ogaz "hst2galign: an Automated Galaxy-based Alignment Routine" is now posted.

22 Jul 2014 ISR 14-02 by D. Coe et al. "Readout Dark: Dark Current Accumulation During ACS/WFC Readout" is now posted.

07 Jul 2014 The ACS Data Handbook has now been updated to Version 7.2.

15 Apr 2014 ISR 14-01 by S. Ogaz, et al. "Post-Flash Capabilities of the Advanced Camera for Surveys Wide Field Channel (ACS/WFC) " is now posted.

29 Jan 2014 A new version of the ACS Instrument Handbook is now available for cycle 22.

01 Oct 2013 WFC/ACS Post-Flash capability now available for cycle 21.

26 Aug 2013 ISR 13-03 by Úbeda, L. &, Kozhurina-Platais, V. "ACS/WFC Geometric Distortion: a time dependency study" is now posted.

03 Jul 2013 ISR 13-02 by Ogaz, S. & Anderson, J. "Column Dependency in Charge Transfer Efficiency Correction" is now posted.

12 Feb 2013 A CTE-correcting online calculator has been released. This script will correct an uploaded file of ACS/WFC photometry.

28 Jan 2013 ISR 13-01 by Ubeda, L. & Anderson, J. "Study of the Evolution of the ACS/WFC Sensitivity Loss" is now posted.

03 Oct 2012 ISR 12-05 by Chiaberge, M. "A new accurate CTE photometric correction formula for ACS/WFC" is now posted.

07 Aug 2012 TIR 12-02 by Ogaz, S. et al. "Charge Transfer Efficiency Correction: WFC Dark Files" is now posted.

31 July 2012 ISR 12-04 by Sokol, J., Anderson, J., & Smith, L. "Assessing ACS/WFC Sky Backgrounds" is now posted.

11 July 2012 AstroDrizzle Replaces MultiDrizzle in the MAST Pipeline.

AstroDrizzle has replaced MultiDrizzle as the software package used by the on-the-fly reprocessing pipeline to combine dithered observations and generate drizzled images.

More information about AstroDrizzle can be found here:

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Current ACS Status

SBC is operating nominally.

HRC is not operational.

WFC is operating nominally.