HST Programs With Investigator Name Similiar To: Michael West

15170 - Michael West
Snapshot Survey of the Globular Cluster Populations of Isolated Early Type Galaxies
15169 - Michael West
Resolving Multiple Stellar Populations in G1
15024 - Michael West
Serendipitous WFC3 Infrared Color Magnitude Diagrams of NGC4472
13777 - Michael West
Morphological Transformation in the Coma Cluster
11710 - Michael West
The Extreme Globular Cluster System of Abell 1689: The Ultimate Test of Universal Formation Efficiency
11083 - Michael West
The Structure, Formation and Evolution of Galactic Cores and Nuclei
10558 - Michael West
Archaeology of Fossil Galaxy Groups
10397 - Michael West
The Ghosts of Galaxies: Tidal Debris and the Formation of Clusters
10277 - Michael West
Ages and Metallicities of the Intergalactic Globular Cluster Population in Abell 1185
10217 - Michael West
The ACS Fornax Cluster Survey
9438 - Michael West
The Origin of the Intergalactic Globular Cluster Population in Abell 1185
9401 - Michael West
The ACS Virgo Cluster Survey
8644 - Michael West
Galaxy Recycling in Clusters
8587 - Michael West
Stroemgren Photometry of Globular Clusters in M87: Breaking the Age- Metallicity Degeneracy
8208 - Michael West
Galaxy Interactions, Tidal Debris, and the Origin of Intracluster Light in the Coma Cluster
8184 - Michael West
The Origin of cD Envelopes
8164 - Michael West
A Search for Intergalactic Globular Clusters in A1185
7318 - Michael West
Ages of extreme metallicity globular clusters near the Galactic Center