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Our free public lecture series is broadcast online and may be attended in person at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI). Each event features a noted scientist who discusses a different cosmic topic. Lectures are typically held the first Tuesday of every month at 8 p.m. in the STScI Bahcall Auditorium on the campus of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

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5 Nov 2019
Unveiling the Cosmos: Key Inventions behind the Modern Telescope

Speaker: Sarah Kendrew (European Space Agency/STScI) The astronomical telescope is a relatively recent invention in the ancient science of stargazing. Over the past 400 years...

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3 Dec 2019
Red and Brown Dwarfs: Understanding our Smallest and Closest (sub)Stellar Neighbors

Speaker: Serge Dieterich (Space Telescope Science Institute)

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1 Oct 2019
Lectures Black Holes and Gravitational Waves
Speaker: Emanuele Berti (Johns Hopkins University) Black holes hold the key to some of the pressing mysteries in modern science. Whether in isolation or in binary systems, they are excellent laboratories...
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3 Sep 2019
Lectures The Astronomer's Toolkit
Speaker: Brandon Lawton (Space Telescope Science Institute) For thousands of years, astronomers have employed increasingly precise angular measures to track the positions of stars in the night sky. The...
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6 Aug 2019
Lectures Tiny Stellar Islands in a Big Old Universe
Speaker: Trisha Ashley (Space Telescope Science Institute) Galaxies are islands of stars, gas, and dark matter, the smallest of which are called dwarf galaxies. Although dwarf galaxies are the most numerous,...
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2 Jul 2019
Lectures Our Colorful Universe: Translating Cosmic Light
Speaker: Joseph DePasquale (Space Telescope Science Institute) Vivid and fantastical images of the cosmos can amaze and astound both scientists and the public alike. Have you ever wondered how the...
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4 Jun 2019
Lectures Recycle Your Used Pulsars: Explaining the Extra Gamma-Radiation from the Central Milky Way
Speaker: Christopher Britt (Space Telescope Science Institute) Gamma rays, the highest energy light in the electromagnetic spectrum, generally arise from extreme events. For over a decade, NASA’s...
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7 May 2019
Lectures The Fiery Fate of Exoplanets
Speaker: Joleen Carlberg (Space Telescope Science Institute) What happens to planets when their stars begin to die? For many planets discovered outside of our Solar System, the answer is a trip into the...
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23 Apr 2019
Lectures The Deaths and Afterlives of Massive Stars
Speaker: Dan Milisavljevic (Purdue University) The catastrophic death of a massive star, a supernova explosion, is among the most powerful and important events in the cosmos. These brilliant...
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5 Mar 2019
Lectures An Astrovizicist's Guide to the Film "Deep Field: The Impossible Magnitude of Our Universe"
Speaker: Frank Summers (Space Telescope Science Institute) In November 2018, composer Eric Whitacre's Hubble-inspired symphony "Deep Field" was released as a film accompanied by NASA images...
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5 Feb 2019
Lectures Our Place in the Stars
Speaker: Amaya Moro-Martin (Space Telescope Science Institute) The essential questions of our cosmic existence include "What is our place in the stars?", "How did we get here?", and...
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15 Jan 2019
Lectures Initial Exoplanet Discoveries from TESS
Speaker: Scott Fleming (Space Telescope Science Institute) In April 2018, NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) launched and by the summer, it was sending back data. What has this...
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4 Dec 2018
Lectures Black Holes and Other Dark Matters
Speaker: Marc Kamionkowski (Johns Hopkins University) In February 2016, the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO) announced discovery of the merger of two black holes, each of which...
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13 Nov 2018
Lectures Observing with Hubble: From Scientific Idea to Published Results (and Everything in Between!)
Speaker: Bill Blair (Johns Hopkins University) When an astronomer has an idea for a Hubble observation, what has to happen for that research to become a reality? This talk will give a “behind the...
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2 Oct 2018
Lectures Chasing Supernovae with Kepler
Speaker: Gautham Narayan (STScI) The Kepler spacecraft launched in 2009 with the goal of discovering exoplanets. However, its highly precise brightness measurements can be used for much more science....
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4 Sep 2018
Lectures 100 Ways to 'Die' in the Universe
Speaker: Katey Alatalo (Space Telescope Science Institute) Astronomers organize galaxy shapes using a system proposed by Edwin Hubble in 1928. At first glance, the Hubble sequence appears to be akin to...
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7 Aug 2018
Lectures Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust: The Fate of Stars Like the Sun
Speaker: Greg Sloan (STScI) Our Sun, though seemingly eternal, is about halfway through its roughly 10-billion-year lifespan. What will happen when the Sun dies? Not only will the answer be important...
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