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29.1 FOS Documentation

In this section we list important sources of documentation for the FOS and its various types of output data.

29.1.1 Instrument Handbooks

Six versions of the FOS Instrument Handbook were written. Two of these-the updated pre-launch edition, version 1.1, and the last, version 6.0-exist as electronic documents (currently available only in PostScript format on the FOS WWW Documentation page).

Version 6.0 is the most complete and accurate description of the capabilities of the instrument and practical information for its use. For example detailed discussions of target acquisition procedures, their specificity, and their limitations were included. Version 1.1 gives an excellent and thorough technical-level description of the instrument. The other versions contain little additional useful information.

29.1.2 Instrument Science Reports

Instrument Science Reports (ISRs) are technical reports that describe calibrations, anomalies, and operational capabilities of the instrument. ISRs are generally written for a technical audience, so we have tried to incorporate the relevant results into this handbook. When an ISR may be particularly helpful, as in treatment of a topic beyond the scope of this volume, we provide the appropriate reference. Most ISRs are available on the FOS WWW Documentation page. Paper copies of all ISRs are available from the STScI Help Desk and can be obtained through help@stsci.edu.

29.1.3 WWW Resources

The FOS WWW pages are accessible from the main STScI WWW page and are the primary repository of all FOS information and documentation. A wide variety of documentation, including this handbook, FOS news updates, reference file guides, frequently asked question (FAQ) lists, Calibration Workshop papers, and ISRs can be found here. The FOS WWW page is directly available at:


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