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31.3 CDBS Reference Relations

The CDBS relations for the FOS reference files and reference tables are described below. Note that these are relations that point to the reference files and tables: they do not contain the data used. Multiple entries are allowed for each reference file or table type which are distinguished by effective (or USEAFTER) date.

The cyccs2r table values were never formally confirmed after science verification (SV). This had little or no practical impact as, only a few sky observations were taken, none of which were intended to aid the proposed science.

Figure 31.3: Pre-COSTAR Inverse Sensitivity -Curves for Red High -Dispersion -Gratings

Figure 31.4: Post-COSTAR Sensitivity Curves for High Dispersion -Gratings

Figure 31.5: Post-COSTAR Sensitivity Curves for Low Dispersion -Gratings

Figure 31.6: Retardation Reference Files

Figure 31.7: Example of a Pre-COSTAR Point Spread Function for the FOS

Figure 31.8: Example of a Pre-COSTAR Line Spread Function for the FOS

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