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Chapter 33
Data Analysis

In This Chapter...

Calculating Exposure Times / 33-1
RAPID Mode Observation Timing Uncertainties / 33-5
Heliocentric Radial Velocity Calculation / 33-6
FOS/BL G160L Zero-Order Photometric Calibration / 33-7
Converting FOS X,Y to Spacecraft V2,V3 / 33-8
Other Useful FOS Tasks in STSDAS / 33-9

Procedures for assessing the quality of data obtained with each FOS operating mode are discussed in the target acquisition assessment and science observation assessment sections of Chapter 30. Procedures for analyzing FOS calibration data quality and accuracy limitations, as they apply to a given dataset, are given in Chapter 32.

Several IRAF/STSDAS routines exist for displaying and analyzing spectroscopic data (see Table 3.5). General purpose spectroscopic tasks, such as splot, mkmultispec, and others, are also described in Chapter 3.

This chapter presents a series of generally unrelated discussions of individual data analysis topics several of which were inspired by frequently asked questions received by the STScI FOS team from General Observers. Also included are descriptions of additional useful IRAF/STSDAS tasks for evaluating, improving, and analyzing FOS data.

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