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34.4 Documentation and References

34.4.1 STScI GHRS Documentation

Many of the documents described in this section are available only as paper. Archival users should not generally need them, but if needed, copies are cataloged1 and stored in the STScI Library.

Instrument Handbooks

The GHRS Instrument Handbook is the single most useful reference about the GHRS except for this data handbook; it describes instrument operating modes as well as observing strategies. The instrument handbook is critical for understanding why a series of observations may have been obtained in a particular manner at a particular time. The flight software and operating procedures for the GHRS changed continually over its life as errors were corrected and new features installed. The different versions of the instrument handbook document the history of these efforts (as do the ISRs, described below).

Eight versions of the GHRS Instrument Handbook were issued by STScI between October, 1985, and June, 1995. The first four versions (1.0, 2.0, 2.1, and 3.0) exist as paper-only documents, and they pertain to the pre-COSTAR instrument. The last four versions (4.0, 4.1, 5.0, and 6.0) are available on-line as Adobe Acrobat and world wide web documents, and were written for the post-COSTAR instrument.

The instrument handbook contains information pertinent to specific time periods and cycles of HST operation. Archival researchers should not need to refer to these documents but we list them in Table 34.2 for completeness.

GHRS Instrument Handbook Versions

IH version

Date of Issue

HST Cycle


May, 1989

1, 2


January, 1992



January, 1993



May, 1994



June, 1995


Instrument Science Reports

Instrument Science Reports (ISRs) are technical papers issued by STScI that summarize, for example, calibrations, or new operating features. Ninety-one GHRS ISRs were written. Sometimes ISRs provide details not available elsewhere, but in general we have tried to encapsulate the contents of ISRs into this data handbook so that archival researchers will not need to refer to them. There are some cases where the ISR treats a specialized subject that is beyond the scope of this handbook, and we note those where appropriate.

34.4.2 GHRS Web Resources

STScI maintains extensive resources on the World Wide Web. GHRS resources can be found by using the search mechanism. You should always check there for changes or updates. STScI's home page is at:


34.4.3 GHRS Bibliography

The following papers include discussions of GHRS construction and performance or provide detailed explanations of particularly useful data analysis techniques. A more complete list of references is available on the web and as GHRS ISR 91.

Primary Reference for GHRS Performance

The following paper should, in most cases, be cited when referring to GHRS observations:

Ultraviolet Reddening and Extinction

GHRS-Related Technical Papers

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1 If you search the library's on-line catalog for GHRS documents, try the string "HRS" because many older documents pre-date the addition of "Goddard" to the name.

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