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Chapter 35
GHRS Data Structures and Data Assessment

In This Chapter...

Contents of Delivered Data / 35-1
Header Keywords / 35-8
Paper Products / 35-9
Assessing GHRS Data / 35-13
Assessing GHRS Acquisitions / 35-19
Assessing GHRS Science Data / 35-29
RAPID Mode (and a Little About Spatial Scans) / 35-34

This chapter presumes that you have selected and retrieved some GHRS observations from the Hubble Data Archive. We will describe the contents of the delivered data and how to assess those data. To more fully understand archival observations it sometimes helps to look at the Phase II proposal for the program that first requested them. We use some examples of actual GHRS programs to illustrate how Phase II proposals were turned into observations and data products. Complete explanations are provided later for reference.

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