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36.1 Pipeline Calibration Process

The way in which the routine calibration pipeline handled data depended on how the observations were originally obtained. Please review the previous two chapters to learn more about operating modes and the details of observation specifications. As we emphasized in the previous chapter, an examination of the Phase II proposal for a particular set of observations is helpful in understanding the structure of the data. The Phase II proposal can often be retrieved over the web.

Calibrated data in the archive result from the calibration steps specified by switches in the raw science header (.d0h). If there were problems with the observation, it was set aside for repair. If there were missing packets (due to data transmission problems), and no further packets were forthcoming from the spacecraft, the pipeline replaced missing data with fill data. Information about missing packets and fill data can be found in the trailer file (.trl).

Figure 36.1: GHRS Calibration Process

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