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41.2 Calibration Switches

The HSP has three calibration switches: DEADTIME, TRUE_CNT, and TRUE_PHC. The first two apply to digital data, and the third applies to analog data. The calibration switches can be either turned on (set to PERFORM) or turned off (set to OMIT). Digital and analog data are calibrated differently. Digital data can be calibrated by: full calibration (both switches on), deadtime calibration (DEADTIME switch only), true count calibration (TRUE_CNT switch only), and no calibration (both switches off). Because an analog dataset has only one switch, the data are either calibrated or not calibrated. The switches were turned on or off during the reformatting in PODPS.

The following table lists the calibration switches currently used.

HSP -Calibration Switches




Correct dead time


Compute true count rates for digital data


Compute true count rates for analog data

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