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43.2 WF/PC-1 Documentation

In this section we list important STScI sources of documentation for WF/PC-1.

43.2.1 Instrument Handbook

The final version of the WF/PC-1 Instrument Handbook (version 3.0) is a useful description of the technical capabilities of the instrument and practical information for its use. Earlier versions contain little useful information not included in the final version. Version 3.0 is not available in electronic format.

43.2.2 Instrument Science Reports

Instrument Science Reports (ISRs) are technical reports issued by STScI that describe calibrations, anomalies, and operational capabilities of the instrument. ISRs are generally written for a technical audience, so we have tried to incorporate their results into this handbook as necessary. When an ISR may be particularly helpful, as in treatment of a topic beyond the scope of this volume, we provide the appropriate reference. For completeness we have included a listing of WF/PC-1 ISRs in the bibliography section at the end of this chapter. Paper copies of all ISRs are available from the STScI Help Desk; send E-mail to help@stsci.edu.

43.2.3 Previous Data Handbooks

This version of the HST Data Handbook replaces all previous data handbooks as we have tried to improve upon and slightly expand the treatments in the previous handbooks. Any updates to this handbook will be posted on the STScI WWW site.

43.2.4 WF/PC-1 WWW Resources

The top WF/PC-1 WWW page can be found among the STScI World Wide Web resources, in the Instruments section.1 The STScI home page is at:


The WF/PC-1 pages are grouped into three major categories: memos, general documentation (more formal reports), and calibration products. We provide below a short summary of the items on these pages that may be of particular interest to an archival user, grouped by page, not in order of importance.

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1 A list of URLs is also provided in Appendix E.

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