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44.2 Reference Files

The types of WF/PC-1 reference files, along with their suffixes, are listed in Table 44.2; the b* suffixes refer to the associated data quality files. The rootname of the reference file is based on the time that the file was delivered to the Calibration Data Base System (CDBS); the file names and history of all WF/PC-1 reference files in CDBS (and retrievable from the HST Archive) are contained in the Reference File Memo on the WWW:

This memo is routinely updated with each new delivery. Any CDBS file is available for retrieval through the HST Data Archive.

WF/PC-1 Calibration -Reference Files

Suffix 1

Reference File

r0h, r0d

Static mask

r1h, r1d

Analog to digital look-up table

r2h, r2d, b2h, b2d


r3h, r3d, b3h, b3d


r5h, r5d, b5h, b5d

Dark frame

r6h, r6d, b6h, b6d


r7h, r7d

Extracted PSF imagesb

r8h, r8d, b8h, b8d

Delta flat images2


Photometry table

1 Suffixes .r4h and .r4d (superpurge) were not used.

2 PSFs and delta flats are additional CDBS files available from the Archive. They are intended for use separately from calwfp; more details on their use are provided in "Choosing and Generating Delta Flats" on page 45-18 and "PSFs" on page 46-11, as well as in the online WWW memos.

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