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22-23 Mar 2001
Workshops ACS High-Latitude Surveys
The Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) will be installed on HST later this year. In anticipation of that, STScI is in the early stages of defining the goals and observing strategy for a major high-Galactic-latitude...
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13-15 Nov 2007
Workshops Astrophysics 2020: Large Space Missions Beyond the Next Decade
The goal of this workshop was to begin envisioning the astrophysics that could be accomplished from space in the 2020 era and beyond. Astrophysics in the 2020's will build upon the results obtained...
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27 Mar 2012
Colloquia Austerity In the Age of Innovation
Federal budget cuts, deficit spending, raising the debt ceiling, mandatory spending, fiscal responsibility, balancing the budget – these phrases are guiding much of the debate on Capitol Hill and...
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26-27 Mar 2009
Workshops Beyond JWST: The Next Steps in UV-Optical-NIR Space Astronomy
The Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA) sponsored a Workshop to engage the UV/optical/Near-IR (UVOIR) astronomy community to discuss its long-term goals for space-based astronomy...
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21 Mar 2012
Colloquia Constraints on the Ionizing Escape Fraction from Deep HST and Keck Observations: Toward Understanding How Early Galaxies Reionized the Universe
To be announced. Speaker: Brian Siana (UC Riverside)
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18 Jan 2006
Colloquia Gas Inflow and Secular Evolution in Disk Galaxies
To be announced. Speaker: Michael Regan (STScI)
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7 Nov 2018
Colloquia How Do Galaxies Evolve into the Forms They Have Today?
This talk will summarize my recent observations of disk and spheroidal galaxies, which challenge and enrich our pictures of how they form. I will show how the internal kinematics of star-forming galaxies,...
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24 Oct 2012
Colloquia How to Find the Best Transiting Exoplanets Before JWST Launches
The James Webb Space Telescope may grant us the opportunity to study the atmospheres of potentially habitable worlds orbiting nearby stars. There is only one problem: We don't yet know at which stars...
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16-18 Oct 1996
Workshops Planets Beyond the Solar System and the Next Generation of Space Missions
A workshop to bring together scientists searching for extrasolar planets with those planning a new generation of space instrumentation. The program will include: New programs for the detection and study...
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11 Apr 2012
Colloquia Slow Roll Dark Energy
To be announced. Speaker: Richard Gott (Princeton)
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29 Sep 2009
1 Oct 2009
Spiral Arm Substructure in Nearby Galaxies
A 3-day workshop at STScI on "pearls," "feathers," and "spurs" in spiral galaxies. The workshop brought observers together with theorists and modelers, and focused...
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2 Jul 2019
Lectures The Art and Science of Astronomical Image Processing
Speaker: Joseph DePasquale, Space Telescope Science Institute
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31 Oct 2012
Colloquia The Dark Side of Dark Matter
The nature of dark matter is one of the major "known unknowns" of physics of the universe. From astronomical observations, we know that dark matter exists, makes up 23% of the mass budget of...
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25-27 Mar 1996
Workshops The Evolution of Low-Luminosity Galaxies and Faint-Blue Galaxies
Day 1: Star-formation Properties/Histories What do we learn from detailed studies of stellar populations such as are possible for nearby dwarfs? What are their star formation histories? How does this relate...
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20 Feb 2013
Colloquia The Next Decade of Weak Lensing Science
Gravitational lensing is a highly useful way to observe the total matter content of the universe, including dark matter. Given the strong observational support for the claim that most of the matter in...
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