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STScI hosts colloquia, conferences, lectures, meetings, symposia, and workshops that cover a broad array of topics of interest to the astronomical community as well as the general public. From this page, you can find current, upcoming, and past events of interest.

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26 Feb 2020
Colloquia Resolving the Extended Stellar Halos of Nearby Galaxies: The Future of Near-Field Cosmology
The widely accepted Lambda Cold Dark Matter paradigm faces important challenges at the scales of individual galaxies, primarily linked to the implementation of baryonic physics in cosmological simulations....
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3 Mar 2020
Lectures Exoplanets: A Search for New Worlds
Speaker: Nestor Espinoza (Space Telescope Science Institute)
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6 Mar 2020
Lectures TESS and the Search for Rocky Planets
Speaker: David W. Latham (Harvard University)
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11 Mar 2020
Colloquia Reaping the Harvest: Tidal Disruption Events from the Zwicky Transient Facility
Speaker: Suvi Gezari (University of Maryland-College Park)
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17-19 Mar 2020
Workshops Accurate Flux Calibration for 21st Century Astrophysics
Whenever an observation of an astrophysical source must be converted from instrumental values to physical units, we use flux calibration. As new questions are formulated and new capabilities...
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25 Mar 2020
Colloquia Probing Star Formation Feedback at its Most Extreme
Speaker: Christy Tremonti (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
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30 Mar 2020
3 Apr 2020
Conferences Science with the Hubble and James Webb Space Telescopes VI
Entering a Golden Age for UV – Optical – IR Space Astronomy
We are entering a new golden age for astronomy. A wealth of multiwavelength and now multi-messenger astrophysical observatories, from space and from the ground, are currently operating or being planned,...
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1 Apr 2020
Colloquia Observing Planet Formation
Planetary systems form in the disks of gas and dust that orbit young stars. In the past few years, very high angular resolution observations of disks in nearby star-forming regions have started to uncover...
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3 Apr 2020
Lectures Life’s Rich Pageant: The Amazing Feats of Marine Microbes, and What They Tell Us About Life On Earth and Beyond
Speaker: Peter R. Girguis (Harvard University) Oceanography came to fruition in the 19th century, when scientists set out to survey the ocean — from surface to seafloor— and determine if and...
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7 Apr 2020
Lectures 30 Years of the Hubble Space Telescope
Speakers: An All Star Cast (Space Telescope Science Institute)
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8 Apr 2020
Colloquia Laboratory Study of Instabilities and Turbulence Relevant to Astrophysical Accretion Disks
Speaker: Hantao Ji (Princeton University)
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14 Apr 2020
Colloquia | Lectures Hubble at 30
This event is the 14th Annual Bahcall Lecture. On April 24 of this year we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the launch of the Hubble Space Telescope. For the first three years of its operations, the...
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15 Apr 2020
Colloquia Constraining Planet Formation with Spectroscopy of Direct Imaged Planets
In the past decade, several new jovian exoplanets at wide separations have been revealed using ground based telescopes equipped with adaptive optics systems. These planets, with masses between ~2-14 MJup,...
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20-23 Apr 2020
Symposia The Local Group: Assembly and Evolution
The Space Telescope Science Institute is excited to host the 2020 STScI Spring Symposium, “The Local Group: Assembly and Evolution.” The symposium will be held at the Space Telescope Science...
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29 Apr 2020
Colloquia Suppressed Superwinds: A New Paradigm for Extreme Massive-Star Feedback
Feedback from young, super star clusters (SSCs) is a major driver for galaxy evolution at all cosmic epochs, but may be especially relevant for cosmic reionization.  The standard scenario for massive-star...
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