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14-15 Oct 2019
Workshops Inclusive Astronomy 2
It has been four years since the 2015 Nashville Inclusive Astronomy meeting, an event that brought astronomers together with sociologists, policy makers, and leaders in the field to discuss issues affecting...
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9 Oct 2019
Colloquia The Chemistry and Dynamics of Planet Formation
Speaker: Edwin Bergin (University of Michigan) Today we are on the cusp extending the realm of planet-detection and characterization into the submillimeter band with the Atacama Large Millimeter Array...
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4 Oct 2019
Lectures Prebiotic Chemistry and the Origins of Life: What We Know and What We Don’t
Henderson (Jim) Cleaves (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Carnegie Institution of Washington) The field of astrobiology, the effort to understand the origin, distribution and future of life in the Universe,...
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2 Oct 2019
Colloquia The Explosive Sun and its Relevance for Exoplanet Space Weather
Speaker: Angelos Vourlidas (JHU/APL) The Sun and its variability offer an excellent laboratory for studying fundamental physical processes in astrophysical plasmas, such as dynamos, shocks, and particle...
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1 Oct 2019
Lectures Black Holes and Gravitational Waves
Speaker: Emanuele Berti (Johns Hopkins University) Black holes hold the key to some of the pressing mysteries in modern science. Whether in isolation or in binary systems, they are excellent laboratories...
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18 Sep 2019
Colloquia Science and Space Policy in the Current Era
Speaker: Kelsie Krafton (John N. Bahcall Public Policy Fellow/American Astronomical Society) Context matters. As we go about educating, researching, communicating, and/or supporting science, we must always...
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15-20 Sep 2019
Science Meetings JWST at the 51st Annual Division for Planetary Sciences Meeting (Joint with EPSC)
The Joint EPSC-DPS Meeting covers a broad area of science topics related to planetary science and planetary missions. It will take place a few months before the anticipated release for the JWST Cycle...
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11 Sep 2019
Colloquia Galactic Winds and the Circumgalactic Medium
Speaker: Sylvain Veilleux (University of Maryland) The fate of baryons in a galaxy is governed by the complex interplay between gas entering the galaxy through mergers and accretion flows, star formation...
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10 Sep 2019
Committee Meetings The 5th Meeting of the JWST Users Committee (JSTUC)
The 5th meeting of the JSTUC was held on September 9-10, 2019.  The committee was updated on the: Status of the project, in addition to reports from various groups Planning and preparation...
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4 Sep 2019
Colloquia Kinetic Tomography, Spiral Structure, and the Perseus Illusion
Speaker: Joshua Peek (STScI) I will describe our new approach to studying the kinematics of the Milky Way, Kinetic Tomography, and what it can tell us about spiral structure and the Perseus arm. Kinetic...
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3 Sep 2019
Lectures The Astronomer's Toolkit
Speaker: Brandon Lawton (Space Telescope Science Institute) For thousands of years, astronomers have employed increasingly precise angular measures to track the positions of stars in the night sky. The...
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28 Aug 2019
Colloquia 2019 HotSci at STScI
Featuring Bonnie Meinke on Identifying collisions in Saturn’s Rings by observing the sub-cm particle distribution and Susana Deustua on HST as a particle detector.
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26-30 Aug 2019
Understanding the Nearby Star-forming Universe with JWST
Understanding the way nature assembles matter into stars remains one of the key problems in astrophysics. We know that stars mostly form in clustered systems enshrouded by the densest regions of giant...
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21 Aug 2019
Colloquia 2019 HotSci at STScI
Featuring Isha Nayak on Multi-Wavelength Analysis of a Super Star Cluster and the Invision Working Group on The Status of Diversity & Inclusion at STScI.
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14 Aug 2019
Colloquia 2019 HotSci at STScI
Featuring Patrick Ogle on A Break in the Tully-Fisher Relation and Cosmic Mass Limit for Spiral Galaxies and Annalisa Calamida on A Stellar Halo Surrounding Omega Cen.
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