Hubble is fixed! Now with its new and expanded capabilities, Hubble Space Telescope is capturing a wealth of spectacular color images of distant objects in space that are illuminating age-old questions and engendering a new wave of excitement among NASA researchers. Containing new and updated material, this enhanced version of the original Gems of Hubble Electronic PictureBook lets you share in the excitement of these astronomers as you browse through its wonderful collection of pictures taken from Hubble’s treasure room. These Hubble “gems” include observations of Solar System objects, stars and star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies. Educational and fun for all ages, the Gems of Hubble Electronic PictureBook also includes informative text and navigational features that allow you to move at your own pace between the images and captions it contains. This enjoyable, interactive format lets you experience astronomical discovery firsthand while you learn about the vast universe we inhabit.

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The Gems of Hubble Electronic PictureBook is a HyperCard® stack designed to run on a color Macintosh® computer with at least 2.5 megabytes of available RAM, sufficient hard disk space to contain the Electronic Picturebook, System 7.0, and HyperCard 2.1 or HyperCard Player 2.1.

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