"The past two decades have witnessed the most spectacular and productive period of exploration in human history...." Thus begins one of the most stunning surveys of our solar system to date, The Planetary System, chronicled by Dr. David Morrison. Now available as an ExInEd Electronic PictureBook, this sensational collection from the golden era of space exploration contains 100 beautiful and informative images of our solar system, including all the planets, planetary rings and satellites, asteroids, and comets. Educational as well as beautiful, the images have been selected both for their variety and how well they illustrate the wide range of physical and geological features present in the solar system. Thoughtful, easy-to-read captions describe each image and its significance in detail. As with all Electronic PictureBooks, The Planetary System has been crafted in a delightful interactive format that allows the reader to browse at will. A suggested reading list (courtesy of The Astronomical Society of the Pacific) is included.

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The Planetary System Electronic PictureBook is a HyperCard¨ stack designed to run on a color Macintosh¨ computer with at least 2.5 megabytes of available RAM, sufficient hard disk space to contain the Electronic Picturebook, System 7.0, and HyperCard 2.1 or HyperCard Player 2.1.

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