When you look up at the stars at night, what do you see? Well, surprisingly little, compared with what is observable throughout the entire electromagnetic spectrum, not just in the visible wavelengths. To understand truly the nature of stars and nebulae, it is necessary to study them at these different wavelengths. Using the constellation of Orion as the focal point, this Electronic PictureBook does exactly that, examining OrionÕs stars and magnificent nebulae as observed at many different wavelengths of light, and comparing what is detectable at each wavelength. It also includes tutorial sections on electromagnetic radiation and star formation, and a descriptive section on the folklore surrounding Orion.

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The Windows on Orion Electronic PictureBook is a HyperCard¨ stack designed to run on a color Macintosh¨ computer with at least 2.5 megabytes of available RAM, sufficient hard disk space to contain the Electronic Picturebook, System 7.0, and HyperCard 2.1 or HyperCard Player 2.1.

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