A Database of UV-Optical Spectra of Nearby Quiescent and Active Galaxies

From this page you can access data on Ultraviolet-Optical spectra of 99 local galaxies. The galaxies cover a range of activity types, including quiescent, starbursts, Seyfert 2s, and LINERs. The spectra consist of a UV portion from IUE and an optical portion from ground based observations obtained in a closely IUE-matched aperture.

The UV spectra cover the wavelength range 1200-3200 Angstrom with a resolution of 5-8 Angstrom. The optical spectra were obtained at KPNO and CTIO and cover the spectral range 3200-7500 Angstrom with 10 Angstrom resolution (Northern sample) or 3200-10000 Angstrom with 5.5-8 Angstrom resolution (Southern sample). More details on the observations can be found in this README file.

For each galaxy, a combined UV-optical spectrum is provided in FITS format. The FITS files are collected in one compressed (gzip) tar file (1.7 Mbytes), which also includes a copy of the README file.

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