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The Astronomical Catalog portion of CDBS contains several atlases consisting of both observed and model stellar,galactic, and emission line object spectra as well as HST standard stars spectra are available in STSDAS table format for use in the calibration of HST instruments, with synphot, with the exposure time simulators, or for any other purpose.

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There are two independent directories containing the spectra of ultraviolet and optical standard stars. CALOBS directory contains original as well as updated versions of the ultraviolet (IUE and VOYAGER2) and optical (Oke, Tapia or Stone) spectra of the standards. CALSPEC directory contains the composite ultraviolet and optical absolute calibrated reference spectra of the HST standards. These reference spectra are used in the calibration of the HST instruments and can also be used for the absolute calibration of ground-based or satellite data.


BUSER-KURUCZ ATLAS is a library of stellar flux spectra calculated by Kurucz and Buser from theoretical model atmospheres. The catalog consists of 1434 files, each representing a metal-line blanketed flux spectrum for a theoretical stellar model atmosphere. For a complete list of the models included in this atlas read the Buser-Kurucz models list file, for the data go to BUSER-KURUCZ ATLAS. For a more complete and updated library of stellar atmosphere models see Kurucz 1993 atlas below.

KURUCZ 1993 ATLAS contains about 7600 stellar atmosphere models covering a wide range of metallicities, effective temperatures and gravities. The original atlas was created on August 22, 1993 by Dr. Kurucz (CD-ROM No. 13). For more details about the CDBS version of this atlas see the read-k93.ascii file. This atlas also contains model spectra for Alpha_Lyrae and the Sun. For details see K93MODELS .

BRUZUAL ATLAS contains 77 stellar spectra frequently used in synthesis of galaxy spectra. See bz77.lis file for a complete list of the stars in this atlas. To find the atlas, go to BZ77 Atlas.

GUNN-STRYKER ATLAS consists of 175 spectra of stars covering a complete range of spectral types and luminosity classes. Each individual spectrum covers the 3130 to 10800 angstroms wavelength region. More details about the spectra can be found in the original publication by Gunn & Stryker 1983, ApJS 52, 121. The complete list of files can be found in the gs.lis file. To get to the GS Atlas go to GUNN-STRYKER ATLAS.

BRUZUAL-PERSSON-GUNN-STRYKER ATLAS is an extension of the Gunn-Stryker atlas. Bruzual and Persson have extended the original Gunn-Stryker optical spectra into the ultraviolet and infrared (up to 2.56 microns). The fluxes have been arbitrarily normalized to a visual magnitude of zero. The infrared energy distributions come from the Strecker et al (ApJ Suppl 41, 501, 1979) atlas, supplemented by unpublished data. The complete list of files can be found in the bpgs.lis file. To get to the data location, BRUZUAL-PERSSON-GUNN-STRYKER ATLAS .

JACOBY-HUNTER-CHRISTIAN ATLAS contains 161 spectra of stars having spectral classes O to M and luminosity classes V, III, and I. Each individual spectrum covers the 3510 - 7427 angstrom wavelength region. More details about the pedigree of the spectra can be found in the original paper published by Jacoby, Hunter, and Christian 1984, ApJS 56, 257. See JHC.LIS FILE for a complete list of the stars contained in this atlas. To get to the data, JACOBY-HUNTER-CHRISTIAN ATLAS


BRUZUAL-CHARLOT ATLAS is a library of galaxy spectra computed by Bruzual and Charlot using their Isochrone Synthesis Spectral Evolutionary Code. For details about this atlas go to README-BC95. To get to the on-line spectral templates go to CDBS-BC95 ATLAS. To get to the original binary data files and programs go to BRUZUAL-CHARLOT ATLAS.

KINNEY-CALZETTI ATLAS consists of an homogeneous set of 12 spectral templates of galaxies covering the ultraviolet, optical and near-infrared wavelength range up to about 1 micron. Templates include various morphological types and starburst galaxies. For details about this atlas go to README-KC96. To get to the data go to KINNEY-CALZETTI ATLAS.

AGN ATLAS consists of a few spectral templates of AGNs ranging from LINER to Seyfert and bright QSO, Go to README-AGN for details about the AGN templates. To get to the templates go to AGN ATLAS.

GALACTIC ATLAS consists of model spectra of the Orion Nebula and of the NGC 7009 planetary Nebula. For details about how the templates are constructed go to README-GALACTIC. To get to the templates go to GALACTIC ATLAS.

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