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Instrument Handbooks:

(Updated Handbooks for Cycle 10 will become available in Summer 2000.)






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Cycle 10 Call for Proposals

Soliciting Proposals for HST Observing and Archival Research

Thursday December 21, 2000

The Cycle 10 Notifications are being emailed today.
If you do not receive your Notification in the next day or so,
please contact me and I will investigate.

The Cycle 10 Abstract and Exposure Catalogs will be posted
in a few days.

Brett Blacker
SPSO Technical Manager

Release Notice (issued June 14, 2000)

Late Breaking News (last updated September 06, 2000)

  • Further Clarification on STIS MAMA UV Snaps are allowed (September 6th)
  • Explicit Limits on Joint Chandra/HST Time Constrained Observations (September 02)
  • STIS MAMA UV Snaps are allowed (August 26th)
  • Large Parallel Programs (August 26th)
  • ACS and NICMOS Will Not Be Offered in Cycle 10 (July 26th)
  • No STIS NUV MAMA Low Dark Current Campaigns (July 26th)

    (See the late breaking news page for details.)


  • GO/SNAP/AR Proposals: September 8, 2000 8:00 pm EDT
  • E/PO Proposals: March 23, 2001

Call for Proposals:

The Call for Proposals describes the policies and procedures for submitting a Phase I proposal for HST Observing or Archival Research. (Information on use of electronic document formats)

  • PDF [US Letter Size]
  • PDF [European A4 Size]
  • HTML

HST Primer:

The Primer provides an introductory overview of the Hubble Space Telescope and explains how to calculate the appropriate number of orbits for an observing proposal. (Information on use of electronic document formats)

  • PDF [US Letter Size]
  • PDF [European A4 Size]
  • HTML

Additional Information:

Contact the STScI Help Desk at 410-338-1082, 1-800-544-8125 (toll free U.S. number), or if you need assistance with any aspect of proposing for and using HST.

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