PostScript Encapsulation Guidelines for Proposal Submission

This guide contains 6 files:

graphics.tex       How to do ... (LaTeX version)        How to do ... (PostScript version)
sgi9259.eps        Figure to be encapsulated
sgi9279.eps        Figure to be encapsulated
sgi9289.eps        Figure to be encapsulated
Please copy ALL the files to your own machine. The file is a PostScript document which describes how to encapsulate figures. This document is ready to be printed on your PostScript printer (please note that this is compiled in the US, and may not be printable on all non-US printers due to different paper size).

The LaTeX version of the same document (graphics.tex) is also available, and this will serve as an example for practical use. The three "*.eps" files are postscript figures which are encapsulated in the "graphics" document, both in simple ways and in less simple ways.

Reading the document, and checking against the LaTeX file, should make it possible for even unexperienced LaTeX users to encapsulate figures in their HST proposals.

Further information:

For more information about the interaction of LaTeX and PostScript, refer to the DVIPS manual, written by Tomas Rokicki, and distributed with his dvips program.

For more information about the PostScript language itself, the language guides published by Addison-Wesley remain extremely useful. They include a language tutorial (the Blue book), a language reference manual (the Red book), and a programmer's guide (the Green book). The red book has been superseded by a reference manual for level 2 PostScript, however.