Cycle 11 Continuous Viewing Zone (CVZ) Information

This page provides you with the means to obtain information on CVZ opportunities in Cycle 11 for targets of given RA and DEC. Please study this information before proposing for CVZ observations.

For CVZ policies and description please see the following:

CVZ Opportunities for given RA and DEC


We have prepared tables that list the following information for the 12-month period July 01, 2002 - July 01, 2003: There are two sets of tables: Be aware that near the "wings" of the CVZ area (i.e., where there is only one CVZ window), the actual availability of CVZ observing will depend in detail on the geometry of the HST orbit during Cycle 11.

Automatic Extraction

Alternatively, you may enter below coordinates of your target and use the `SUBMIT' button to automatically extract the CVZ information from the tables. After getting the answer, use the `BACK' button in your browser to return to the present page. Press the `CLEAR' button below to reset the RA and DEC fields.


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