Using the Electronic Document Formats

Electronic Documents

The Call for Proposals and HST Primer are (only) available electronically in HTML and PDF formats. The HTML version is optimized for on-line browsing, and contains many links to related or more detailed information, both within the document itself and within other STScI documents. You are therefore encouraged to use the HTML version electronically. Nonetheless, some people may prefer to read a hardcopy, and with this in mind, the PDF version was optimized for printing.

Printing the Documents

If you wish to print either document, we recommend that you use the PDF version. PDF documents are provided in both US Letter Size format and in European A4 Size format. Please choose the format appropriate for your printer. Any links to information on the internet will appear as underlined text in the hardcopy print. You can look up the internet address of the corresponding link in Appendix E (Call for Proposals) or Appendix D (HST Primer).

Browsing the HTML Document

You can consult the HTML versions of the documents using your favorite internet browser. Depending on your browser, you may obtain a nicer layout if you instruct your browser to use its default fonts, instead of the document-specific fonts.

Netscape users who want to override document specific fonts should take the following steps:

(a) choose `Preferences' from the `Edit' menu;
(b) Choose `Appearance' from the pop-up menu, and then `Fonts';
(c) Mark the setting `Use my default fonts, overriding document-specific fonts';
(d) click `OK'.

Users of other browsers should consult the documentation for their browser, if necessary.

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