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Data Products

Final Calibrated, Co-added, Reprocessed Data Products

Check the file name legend for a listing and explanation of the adopted naming conventions.

Check the instrument specific technical pages for a description of the data products and the implemented data reduction steps: STIS , WFPC2 , NICMOS , Flanking Fields .

Check the pages on observational details for information on observing strategy and individual data sets.

Check the page with warnings and advisories before making any use of the data.

Individual Raw and Calibrated Data from the HST archive

For logistical reasons, the Hubble Deep Field South observations were split over 6 different proposals. Click below to extract a listing of the observations in the Hubble Data Archive for each of the proposals. These listings give information on individual datasets in the HDF-S campaign, and allow you to retrieve individual raw or calibrated datasets. You may also want to study the Phase 2 Proposal Information for the HDF-S proposals.

Main-field observations

Flanking field and PSF star observations

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