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Sydney Meeting Follow-up Notes

Summary of notes from the informal session on proposed or planned follow-up observations of the HDF-S, held during the December 1997 Sydney workshop.

These notes summarize an informal HDF-S session at the Joint ESO/Australia workshop ``Looking Deep in the Southern Sky,'' which was held in Sydney, Australia, on 10-12 December 1997. Many groups who are planning or already executing HDF-S followup observations were present at this meeting and discussed their plans. The information compiled here is based on notes taken by Brian Boyle during the session, with the addition of further information gathered later. These notes should be used merely as an indication of some observing programs which are being considered or which are already scheduled. They should not be considered definitive or binding in any way - plans may have changed since these notes were taken, and there may be transcription errors or misinterpretations of comments made at the workshop.

We expect that many of the observers will establish their own web pages describing their programs, and the STScI HDF-S group will provide links to this information via the HDF-S Clearinghouse web page. If you are interested in establishing such links, please contact Mark Dickinson, Harry Ferguson, or Massimo Stiavelli.




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