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This directory contains the precompiled binaries for RPS2 13.0.
Version 13.0 was released April 1, 2004 for support of Cycle 13 
Phase 2 proposal development.

This directory also has a subdirectory containing older versions
of RPS2.

The FTP URL for this directory is:

Available Files

RPS2 is currently supported on the Solaris platform.  

This directory contains the following versions of RPS2:

                For users of Solaris 2.7 and higher users.  Requires Solaris 
                Binary Compatibility package to be installed.  
                Includes LISP images. 

If you want a version of RPS2 which runs under another Unix variant,
e.g. HP, please contact your Program Coordinator.  Sorry, no DEC
VAX/VMS version is available.

If you do not have access to a Unix platform, you can run RPS2 by one
of the alternative methods described in section 6 of the RPS2 User's

If you have one of the supported platforms, download the 
files into your installation directory. Each of these files contain
the precompiled code for RPS2.

After the file is downloaded, type:

        zcat {config}-RPS2bin.tar.Z | tar -xf -

If your ftp or web client uncompressed the file for you, use the command:

        tar -xf {config}-RPS2bin.tar

This will unpack all the archived files. Read the files named README
and INSTALL before installing the software.

Starting and Stopping Servers
Old versions of the RPS2 servers are not compatible with the new
release.  Before downloading new RPS2, you should stop any RPS2
servers you have running.  To do this, type stop-RPS2-servers from the
directory where RPS2 is installed.  The new servers will start
automatically when you start RPS2 after installing the new version.

If you have any problems installing or using the RPS2 software,
contact your Program Coordinator.