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Calibration Workshop 2005 Streaming Media Files

Streaming Media Table of Contents

Welcoming Remarks ... HST Calibration Workshop 2005
  • Presenter: Matt Mountain
  • Duration: 10 Minutes
  • Event date: 2005/10/26
Review and Status of STIS Closeout
STIS 1st Order Spectroscopic Flux Calibration
The HST/STIS Next Generation Spectral Library
STIS Calibration Enhancement: Implementation of Model Based Techniques for Wavelength Calibration and Charge Transfer Inefficiency
Correcting STIS CCD Spectra for CTE Loss
Calibration of Eta Carinae Treasury Program
Spectral Extraction of Extended Sources using Wavelet Interpolation
Improving Rectification of Spectral Images
Towards a Comprehensive Sensitivity Calibration of the STIS Echelle Modes
STIS Calibration Enhancement: Dispersion solutions based on a physical instrument model
NUV-MAMA Prism Calibration
COS Calibration Status
The 2-Gyro Mode of HST
FGS Astrometry in 2-Gyro Mode
The Optical Field Angle Distortion Calibration of HST Fine Guidance Sensors 1R and 3
  • Presenter: Barbara McArthur (Ed Nelan Presenting)
  • Duration: 20 Minutes
  • Event date: 2005/10/26
  • Supporting Material
Improving the absolute HST astrometry using GSC-II
HST Archive Enhancements
  • Presenter: Rick White (Karen Levay presenting)
  • Duration: 20 Minutes
  • Event date: 2005/10/26
  • Supporting Material
Where will PyRAF lead us? The Future of Data Analysis Software at STScI
The National Virtual Observatory and HST
Review of ACS calibration
Modeling and Correcting the Time-Dependent ACS PSF for Weak Lensing
The photometric calibration of ACS
Calibration of the ACS Emission-Line Filters
Slitless spectroscopy with the Advanced Camera for Surveys
Selection and characterization of "interesting" grism spectra
ACS Astrometry Calibration
Pipeline calibrations of ACS data
WFPC2 status & closeout
Calibration Status and Results for WFC3
Finding Stars in Undersampled ACS Images
  • Presenter: Harvey Richer
  • Duration: 20 Minutes
  • Event date: 2005/10/27
Overview of Multidrizzle
Drizzle improvements
  • Presenter: Andy Fruchter
  • Duration: 20 Minutes
  • Event date: 2005/10/27
A Study of NICMOS Non-linearity
NICMOS Calibration Challenges in the Ultra Deep Field
Temperature and Bias Variation and Measurement in the NICMOS Detectors
Polarimetry with NICMOS
Differential NICMOS Spectrophotometry at High Signal-to-Noise
NIC3 FOM Dithered Observations of the Orion Nebula
HST Observations in support of JWST Calibration