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Intro to HST Data Handbooks
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Introduction to the HST Data Handbooks > Chapter 6: Observation Logs > 6.2 Retrieving Observation Logs

You can retrieve observation log files from the HDA, located at Unlike science data, which generally have a one-year proprietary period, observation log files become public as soon as they are archived.
The easiest way to get observation log files is to identify the observation of interest and then proceed with your request, as described in Chapter 2.9 of the STScI Archive Manual, until you reach the “Retrieval Options” screen, shown in Figure 6.1. You then need to select “Observation Log Files” in the “Science Files Requested” section of the page. The HDA will then deliver the associated observation log files. You will receive the “_jif.fits” and “_jit.fits” files.
Figure 6.1: Choosing Observation Log Files in MAST

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