Synphot Data User's Guide


Appendix A:
On-Line Catalogs
and Spectral Atlases

A.1 Introduction to all available spectral catalogs
A.2 HST Calibration Spectra
A.3 The Castelli and Kurucz 2004 ATLAS9 of Model Atmospheres
   A.3.1 The HST/CDBS Version of the Castelli and Kurucz models
   A.3.2 Use of the Castelli and Kurucz models with Synphot
A.4 The Stellar Spectral Flux Library by Pickles 1998
   A.4.1 The HST/CDBS Version of the Pickles Library
   A.4.2 Use of the Pickles Library with Synphot
A.5 Kinney-Calzetti Atlas
A.6 AGN Atlas
A.7 Galactic Atlas
A.8 Kurucz 1993 Atlas of Model Atmospheres
   A.8.1 The HST/CDBS Version of the 1993 Kurucz Atlas
   A.8.2 Use of Kurucz Atlas with SYNPHOT
A.9 Bruzual Spectrum Synthesis Atlas
A.10 Gunn-Stryker Spectrophotometry Atlas
A.11 Bruzual-Persson-Gunn-Stryker
Spectrophotometry Atlas

A.12 Jacoby, Hunter & Christian Spectrophotometry Atlass
A.13 Buser-Kurucz Atlas of Model Atmospheres
A.14 Bruzual-Charlot Atlas

There are several spectral atlases consisting of both observed and model data that are available in FITS table format for use with synphot. These are available at STScI on all science computing clusters in the crrefer directory areas. Off-site users can obtain these data via anonymous ftp on the node where they are located in several subdirectories under the /cdbs directory.

Current descriptions and access to all available calibration spectra and astronomical catalogs can also be found at the CDBS web site, which is updated more frequently than this manual:

The subdirectories /cdbs/calspec/ and cdbs/grid/ contain the data tables for all of the atlases described here. For easy access from the synphot tasks, the on-line directories containing the various atlases are defined via environment variables within STSDAS. All subdirectories are defined relative to the crrefer$ directory environment variable, which is set in the IRAF file hlib$extern.pkg Off-site users should define crrefer in this file to point to the local directory area that contains the atlas tables. The environment variables crcalspec$, crgridbk$, crgridk93$, crgrdick04$, crgridbpgs$, crgridbz77$, crgridgs$, and crgridjac$ are subsequently defined in the STSDAS file stsdaslib$zzsetenv.def to point to subdirectories beneath crrefer$ which contain the spectral data tables for each of the individual atlases.

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