Synphot Data User's Guide


A.6 AGN Atlas

This atlas consists of a few spectral templates of AGNs ranging from LINER to Seyfert and bright QSO. The LINER and Seyfert 2 templates have been obtained with the large aperture (10" by 20") and low resolution spectrographs of the IUE satellite. The optical spectra were obtained through a long slit with a 10" width, where a window of 20" long was extracted to match the IUE aperture (Calzetti 1995, private comm.). The flux of the LINER and Seyfert2 templates is normalized to a Johnson visual magnitude of 12.5 (STMAG).

The Seyfert1 template consists of an UV spectrum obtained with the IUE low resolution spectrographs and of a ground-based optical spectrum. The bright QSO template is a composite spectrum from the Large Bright Quasar Survey of Francie and collaborators (1991). The Seyfert1 and QSO spectral templates are normalized to a Johnson blue magnitude of 12.5 (STMAG).

The NGC 1068 template is a composite spectrum. The continuum contains the nebular, stellar, and power-law contributions. The observed fluxes and FWHM of the UV, optical and near-IR emission lines are also incorporated into the template (J.R. Walsh, private comm; read also the header of the FITS table for further details).

The spectra are located in the crgrid$agn/ directory.

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