Synphot Data User's Guide


1.3 Non-HST Filter Systems

In addition to the HST instrument components, the graph table also supports various standard filter system passbands. The passband keyword string consists of the name of the system plus the passband name. An example of a passband observation mode string would be "COUSINS,I". If no system name is given for any of the UBVRIJHK bands, the defaults are Johnson UBV, Cousins RI, and Bessell JHK. For example, "v - r" will result in Johnson V minus Cousins R.

For a more detailed description of these filter systems, including the classification of photometric systems into "supported" and "unsupported", see Section 3.3.

Table 1.8: Non-HST Filter Systems
System ans baum bessell cousins eso johnson kpno landolt sdss steward stromgren walraven unsupported
ANS Bands 1550 1550n 1800 2200 2500 3300 unsupported
Baum Bands f336w f439w f547m f555w f569w f606w f622w f675w f702w f725lp f785lp f791w f814w f850lp f1042m unsupported
Bessell Bands J H K unsupported
Cousins Bands R I supported
ESO Bands (There are 530 numbered bands) unsupported
GALEX Bands FUV NUV supported
Johnson Bands U B V R I J K partially supported
KPNO Bands J H K unsupported
Landolt Bands U B V R I (= Johnson UBV + Cousins RI) supported
SDSS Bands u g r i z supported
Steward Bands J H K unsupported
Stromgren Bands u v b y supported
Walraven Bands V B L U W unsupported

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