Synphot Data User's Guide


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

List of Tables


Chapter 1: Quick Reference Guide

1.1 Current Instruments
1.1.1 ACS
1.1.2 FGS
1.1.3 NICMOS
1.1.4 STIS
1.1.5 WFPC2
1.2 Future Instruments
1.2.1 COS
1.2.2 WFC3
1.3 Non-HST Filter Systems
1.4 Retired Instruments
1.4.1 FOC
1.4.2 FOS
1.4.3 HRS
1.4.4 HSP
1.4.5 WF/PC-1

Chapter 2: Parameterized Keywords

2.1 Ramp filters (ACS, WFPC2)
2.1.1 ACS
2.1.2 WFPC2
2.2 Contamination (WFPC1, WFPC2)
2.3 Modified Julian Date (ACS, STIS)
2.4 Encircled energy (ACS, WFC3)
2.4.1 Background
2.4.2 Usage
2.4.3 Supported ACS Aperture Sizes
2.4.4 Supported WFC3 Aperture Sizes
2.5 Temperature specification (NICMOS, WFC3)
2.5.1 NICMOS
2.5.2 WFC3
2.6 Quantum Yield Correction (WFC3)
2.7 Background Calculation (WFC3)

Chapter 3: Further Discussions

3.1 WFPC2 Quad filters
3.2 Specifying STIS observation modes
3.3 Non-HST Photometric Systems
3.3.1 Comparing synphot results with observed non-HST photometry
3.3.2 Further detail on the SDSS filter curves
3.3.3 Unsupported bandpass systems

Appendix A: On-Line Catalogs and Spectral Atlases

A.1 Introduction to all available spectral catalogs
A.2 HST Calibration Spectra
A.3 The Castelli and Kurucz 2004 ATLAS9 of Model Atmospheres
A.3.1 The HST/CDBS Version of the Castelli and Kurucz models
A.3.2 Use of the Castelli and Kurucz models with Synphot
A.4 The Stellar Spectral Flux Library by Pickles 1998
A.4.1 The HST/CDBS Version of the Pickles Library
A.4.2 Use of the Pickles Library with Synphot
A.5 Kinney-Calzetti Atlas
A.6 AGN Atlas
A.7 Galactic Atlas
A.8 Kurucz 1993 Atlas of Model Atmospheres
A.8.1 The HST/CDBS Version of the 1993 Kurucz Atlas
A.8.2 Use of Kurucz Atlas with SYNPHOT
A.9 Bruzual Spectrum Synthesis Atlas
A.10 Gunn-Stryker Spectrophotometry Atlas
A.11 Bruzual-Persson-Gunn-Stryker Spectrophotometry Atlas
A.12 Jacoby, Hunter & Christian Spectrophotometry Atlass
A.13 Buser-Kurucz Atlas of Model Atmospheres
A.14 Bruzual-Charlot Atlas


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