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This archive was created 24th November 2010 and will contain news items older than 1 year.

07 Apr 2015 New and improved post-flashed superdark files for ACS/WFC are available in the archive. Hot and warm pixel flag definitions have also been modified. Information about these changes can be found on the new Post-Flash page.

12 Mar 2015 ISR 15-02 by D. Borncamp "Results of the Updated ACS/WFC Distortion Correction" is now posted.

27 Feb 2015 New alignment and artifact correction routines, as well as a cookbook and test data, are available on the new Selfcal page.

02 Feb 2015 ISR 15-01 by R. Avila "Optimizing pixfrac in Astrodrizzle: An example from the Hubble Frontier Fields" is now posted.

15 Dec 2014 The ACS stand alone de-stripe tool has now been updated to include CTE correction and object masking. Now available in ACSTOOLS.

11 Dec 2014 ISR 14-04 by J. Anderson "Local Pixel Bundles: Bringing the Pixels to the People" is now posted.

24 Nov 2014 An improved geometric distortion solution for ACS/WFC, as well as instructions for its usage, are available on the new Distortion Page, pending integration into the OPUS pipeline in later 2015.

19 Nov 2014 ISR 14-03 by J. Anderson & S. Ogaz "hst2galign: an Automated Galaxy-based Alignment Routine" is now posted.

22 Jul 2014 ISR 14-02 by D. Coe et al. "Readout Dark: Dark Current Accumulation During ACS/WFC Readout" is now posted.

07 Jul 2014 The ACS Data Handbook has now been updated to Version 7.2.

15 Apr 2014 ISR 14-01 by S. Ogaz, et al. "Post-Flash Capabilities of the Advanced Camera for Surveys Wide Field Channel (ACS/WFC) " is now posted.

29 Jan 2014 A new version of the ACS Instrument Handbook is now available for cycle 22.

01 Oct 2013 WFC/ACS Post-Flash capability now available for cycle 21.

26 Aug 2013 ISR 13-03 by beda, L. &, Kozhurina-Platais, V. "ACS/WFC Geometric Distortion: a time dependency study" is now posted.

03 Jul 2013 ISR 13-02 by Ogaz, S. & Anderson, J. "Column Dependency in Charge Transfer Efficiency Correction" is now posted.

12 Feb 2013 A CTE-correcting online calculator has been released. This script will correct an uploaded file of ACS/WFC photometry.

28 Jan 2013 ISR 13-01 by Ubeda, L. & Anderson, J. "Study of the Evolution of the ACS/WFC Sensitivity Loss" is now posted.

03 Oct 2012 ISR 12-05 by Chiaberge, M. "A new accurate CTE photometric correction formula for ACS/WFC" is now posted.

07 Aug 2012 TIR 12-02 by Ogaz, S. et al. "Charge Transfer Efficiency Correction: WFC Dark Files" is now posted.

31 July 2012 ISR 12-04 by Sokol, J., Anderson, J., & Smith, L. "Assessing ACS/WFC Sky Backgrounds" is now posted.

11 July 2012 AstroDrizzle Replaces MultiDrizzle in the MAST Pipeline.