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ACS proceedings

Calibration Workshop 2002

Astrometry with the Advanced Camera: PSFs and Distortion in the WFC and HRC
Jay Anderson

Status of the Advanced Camera for Surveys
M. Clampin, G. F. Hartig, H. C. Ford, M. Sirianni, G. R. Meurer, A. R. Martel, ,J. P. Blakeslee, G. D. Illingworth, J. Krist, R. L. Gilliland, R. C. Bohlin

Extreme Red Sensitivity of ACS/WFC
Ronald L. Gilliland, Adam G. Riess

Calibration of Geometric Distortion in the ACS Detectors
G. R. Meurer, D. Lindler, J. P. Blakeslee, C. Cox, A. R. Martel, H. D. Tran, R. J. Bouwens, H. C. Ford, M. Clampin, G. F. Hartig, M. Sirianni, G. de Marchi

The Effect of Velocity Aberration on ACS Image Processing
Colin Cox, Ron Gilliland

Growth of Hot Pixels and Degradation of CTE for ACS
A. Riess

ACS Flat Fields and Low-order ``L-flat" Corrections from Observations of 47 Tucanae
J.Mack, R.C. Bohlin, R.L. Gilliland, R.van der Marel, G.deMarchi

On-Orbit Performance of the ACS Solar Blind Channel
Hien D. Tran, Gerhardt Meurer, Holland C. Ford, Andre Martel, Marco Sirianni, Ralph Bohlin, Mark Clampin, Colin Cox, Guido De Marchi, George Hartig, Randy Kimble, Vic Argabright

Drizzling Dithered ACS Images---A Demonstration
Max Mutchler, Anton Koekemoer, and Warren Hack

The Wavelength Calibration of the WFC Grism
A.Pasquali, N.Pirzkal, and J.R. Walsh

Flat-fielding of ACS WFC Grism Data
N.Pirzkal, A.Pasquali, and J.Walsh

Modelling the Fringing of the ACS CCD Detectors
J. R. Walsh, N. Pirzkal, A. Pasquali

Statistical Analysis of ACS Data Without Covariance in Errors
Kavan U. Ratnatunga

ACS Calibration Software
W.B. Sparks

MultiDrizzle: An Integrated Pyraf Script for Registering, Cleaning and Combining Images
Anton M. Koekemoer, Andrew S. Fruchter, Richard Hook, Warren Hack

On-orbit Sensitivity of ACS
M.Sirianni, G.De Marchi,R.Gilliland, R.Bohlin, C.Pavlovsky, and J.Mack

Bias Subtraction and Correction of ACS/WFC Frames
M.Sirianni, A.R. Martel, M.J. Jee, D.Van Orsow, and W.B. Sparks