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ACS grism mode

Below you can find the configuration and calibration files for ACS grism spectroscopy. They are in the correct format to be used with the aXe simulation software aXeSIM and the aXe extraction software aXe. To use these calibration products with aXe and aXeSIM, copy them into a directory and set your AXE_CONFIG_PATH environment variable to point to that directory.

All aXe configuration files are designed to work on the distorted images. For ACS, these images end with the extension "_flt.fits". Other image data delivered by the archive, e.g. raw images "_raw.fits", un-distorted, "drizzled" images" _drz.fits" or even the drizzled images for associations "0_drz.fits" must not be used when working with aXe and aXe configuration files.

ACS/WFC grism data release

In the continuing effort to enhance the content of the Hubble Legacy Archive (HLA) with highly processed data products which significantly facilitate the scientific exploitation of the Hubble data, the ST-ECF has released a full set of slitless spectra, obtained with ACS/WFC and the G800L grism, which were extracted from 153 archival fields (or "associations") distributed across the two Galactic caps. Full details are given here.

STECF ACS ISRs (different than STSCI ISRs).

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