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Sensitivity and throughput tables

ACS sensitivity and throughput tables

These detector sensitivity and spectral element throughput tables are used to populate photometric keywords in ACS image headers, and for calculations performed by the ACS exposure time calculators (ETCs).

Window and mirror throughput, and detector sensitivity tables

    file_name               delivery   pedigree  note

acs_wfc_ebe_win12f_005_syn  04/19/00   GROUND    WFC window throughput
acs_wfc_im123_004_syn       04/19/00   GROUND    WFC m1,m2,m3 mirror throughput
acs_wfc_ccd1_017_syn        12/10/03   INFLIGHT  WFC CCD sensitivity
acs_wfc_aper_002_syn        03/18/03   INFLIGHT  WFC encircled energy

acs_hrc_win_005_syn         03/04/00   GROUND    HRC window throughput
acs_hrc_m12_005_syn         09/20/01   GROUND    HRC m1,m2 mirror throughput
acs_hrc_m3_005_syn          09/20/01   GROUND    HRC m3 mirror throughput
acs_hrc_ccd_011_syn         12/10/03   INFLIGHT  HRC CCD sensitivity
acs_hrc_aper_002_syn        03/20/03   INFLIGHT  HRC encircled energy
acs_hrc_coron_002_syn       01/13/03   GROUND    HRC coronograph throughput
acs_cor_aper_002_syn        03/20/03   INFLIGHT  HRC coronagraph encircled energy

acs_sbc_mama_006_syn        08/20/02   INFLIGHT  SBC MAMA sensitivity
acs_sbc_aper_002_syn        03/18/03   INFLIGHT  SBC encircled energy

WFC and HRC filter throughput tables

acs_f220w_004_syn   04/19/00   GROUND       HRC F220W Near-UV filter
acs_f250w_003_syn   04/19/00   GROUND       HRC F250W Near-UV filter
acs_f330w_004_syn   07/14/04   MODEL        HRC F330W u filter
acs_f344n_004_syn   07/14/04   MODEL        HRC F344N NeV filter
acs_f435w_004_syn   07/14/04   MODEL        WFC/HRC F435W Johnson B filter
acs_f475w_004_syn   12/10/03   GROUND       WFC/HRC F475W SDSS g filter
acs_f502n_005_syn   07/14/04   MODEL        WFC/HRC F502N OIII filter
acs_f550m_005_syn   07/14/04   MODEL        WFC/HRC F550M Narrow V filter
acs_f555w_003_syn   04/19/00   GROUND       WFC/HRC F555W Johnson V filter
acs_f606w_005_syn   07/14/04   MODEL        WFC/HRC F606W Broad V filter
acs_f625w_004_syn   07/14/04   MODEL        WFC/HRC F625W SDSS r filter
acs_f658n_005_syn   07/14/04   MODEL        WFC/HRC F658N H-alpha filter
acs_f660n_005_syn   07/14/04   MODEL        WFC/HRC F660N NII filter
acs_f775w_003_syn   04/19/00   GROUND       WFC/HRC F775W SDSS i filter
acs_f814w_003_syn   04/19/00   GROUND       WFC/HRC F814W Broad I filter
acs_f850lp_004_syn  04/19/00   GROUND       WFC/HRC F850LP SDSS z filter
acs_f892n_005_syn   07/14/04   MODEL        WFC/HRC F892N Methane filter

WFC and HRC ramp filter throughput tables

acs_fr388n_003_syn  12/18/01   GROUND    WFC/HRC FR388N OII m-ramp filter
acs_fr423n_003_syn  12/18/01   GROUND    WFC FR423N OII i-ramp filter
acs_fr459m_003_syn  12/18/01   GROUND    WFC/HRC FR459M Broad m-ramp filter
acs_fr462n_003_syn  12/18/01   GROUND    WFC FR462N OII o-ramp filter
acs_fr505n_003_syn  12/18/01   GROUND    WFC/HRC FR505N OIII m-ramp filter
acs_fr551n_003_syn  12/18/01   GROUND    WFC FR551N OIII i-ramp filter
acs_fr601n_003_syn  12/18/01   GROUND    WFC FR601N OIII o-ramp filter
acs_fr647m_003_syn  12/18/01   GROUND    WFC FR647M Broad i-ramp filter
acs_fr656n_003_syn  12/18/01   GROUND    WFC/HRC FR656N H-alpha m-ramp filter
acs_fr716n_003_syn  12/18/01   GROUND    WFC FR716N H-alpha i-ramp filter
acs_fr782n_003_syn  12/18/01   GROUND    WFC FR782N H-alpha o-ramp filter
acs_fr853n_003_syn  12/18/01   GROUND    WFC FR853N IR i-ramp filter
acs_fr914m_003_syn  12/18/01   GROUND    WFC/HRC FR914M Broad m-ramp filter
acs_fr931n_003_syn  12/18/01   GROUND    WFC FR931N IR o-ramp filter
acs_fr1016n_003_syn 12/18/01   GROUND    WFC FR1016N IR o-ramp filter

WFC and HRC prism, grism, and polarizer throughput tables

acs_pr200l_004_syn  04/19/00   GROUND    HRC PR200L prism
acs_g800l_005_syn   04/19/00   GROUND    WFC/HRC G800L grism
acs_pol_uv_005_syn  09/12/02   GROUND    WFC/HRC ultraviolet polarizers
acs_pol_v_004_syn   09/12/02   GROUND    WFC/HRC visible polarizers

SBC filter and prism throughput tables

acs_f165lp_004_syn  04/19/00   GROUND    SBC F165LP Dynasil filter
acs_f150lp_004_syn  04/19/00   GROUND    SBC F150LP Crystal Quartz filter
acs_f140lp_005_syn  04/19/00   GROUND    SBC F140LP BaF2 filter
acs_f125lp_005_syn  04/19/00   GROUND    SBC F125LP CaF2 filter
acs_f122m_004_syn   04/19/00   GROUND    SBC F122M Lyman-alpha filter
acs_f115lp_004_syn  04/19/00   GROUND    SBC F115LP MgF2 filter
acs_pr110l_006_syn  04/19/00   GROUND    SBC PR110L LiF2 prism
acs_pr130l_006_syn  04/19/00   GROUND    SBC PR130L CaF2 prism