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Advanced Camera for Surveys Instrument Handbook for Cycle 20 > Chapter 2: Changes After SM4 and Considerations for Cy20 > 2.3 Comparison of ACS/HRC and WFC3/UVIS

Because ACS/HRC is no longer available, WFC3/UVIS is the preferred camera for the 2000 to 3700 wavelength range. The Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS) NUV-MAMA has imaging capabilities over some of this bandpass but it has a much smaller field of view and lower sensitivity. Table 2.2, Figure 2.1 and Figure 2.2 compare the imaging characteristics of ACS/HRC and WFC3/UVIS. The latter camera has twice the U-band throughput of ACS/HRC (Figure 2.2), a field of view that is 35 times larger than that of ACS/HRC, and a pixel scale that is 60% coarser than that of ACS/HRC. WFC3/UVIS is insensitive below 2000 . Far-UV imaging is provided by the ACS/SBC and the STIS/FUV-MAMA.

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