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ACS + WFPC2 Analysis Newsletters (STAN)

All ACS Space Telescope Analysis Newsletters (STANs) are archived below. As of December 2003, the ACS and WFPC2 STANs have merged. Previous WFPC2 STANs are archived here.

ACS STAN - January 2019
1. ACS Handbooks Updates
2. Changes to CALACS data pipeline
3. Improved pixel-based CTE correction for ACS/WFC
4. ACS/WFC reference file updates
5. New ACS/SBC LODARK aperture added
6. New ACS tutorials available
7. New DrizzlePac tutorials available
8. Recent ACS Instrument Science Reports (ISRs)

Melanie Kae Olaes 04 Jan 2019

ACS STAN, 16 May 2012
This STAN covers(1) release of CALACS 2012.2 and new CTE-corrected data products and (2) updated photometric zeropoints for WFC and HRC.
Linda Smith 16 May 2012

ACS+WFPC2 STAN, 24 November 2010
This STAN covers (1) ACS/WFC Bias Stripe and CTE Correction Software, (2) ACS/WFC Bias and Dark Reference Files, (3) Status of ACS/SBC Operations, and (4) pointers to recent ISRs, publications, and press releases.
David Golimowski 24 Nov 2010

ACS+WFPC2 STAN, 09 September 2009
This STAN covers (1) ACS/WFC repair and recovery, (2) initial delivery of WFC reference files, (3) WFC bias and flat field structure, (4) ACS/SBC performance, (5) WFPC2 closeout and data archive, and (6) pointers to recent ISRs, publications, and press releases.
David Golimowski 09 Sep 2009

WFPC2 STAN, 06 November, 2008
This WFPC2-only STAN covers PyDrizzled images from MAST, the final calibration of WFPC2, WFPC2 reprocessing and the Static Archive, and new WFPC2 documentation.
Ray Lucas 06 Nov 2008

ACS+WFPC2 STAN, 07 February, 2008
This STAN covers (1) ACS repair status, (2) ACS SBC bright object limit revisions, (3) calibration outsourcing, (4) plans for WFPC2 data reprocessing, and (5) an update on the WFPC2 - WF4 anomaly, plus pointers to recent ISRs, publications, and press releases.
Ray Lucas 07 Feb 2008

ACS+WFPC2 STAN, 30 November 2006
This STAN covers the HRC relay anomaly, SBC operations and the new release of Multidrizzle.
pavlovsky 30 Nov 2006

ACS+WFPC2 STAN, 25 July 2006
This newsletter covers topics pertaining to the Side 2 switch and the WFC setpoint temperature change as well as ETC software changes, cycle 15 calibration plans and dithering in Cycle 16 and a multidrizzle update.
C.Pavlovsky 25 Jul 2006

ACS+WFPC2 STAN, 04 January 2006
This ACS+WFPC2 STAN primarily covers topics related to the preparation of Cycle 15 Phase I proposals (the deadline is 27 January 2006) and 2-gyro observations.
C. Pavlovsky 04 Jan 2006

ACS+WFPC2 STAN, 11 April 2005
This ACS+WFPC2 STAN primarily covers topics pertinent to the preparation of Cycle 14 Phase II proposals (the deadline is 13 May 2005). Topics include: ACS photometric calibration, Calibration Workshop, ACS Data Handbook, ACS aperture definitions, results from 2-gyro testing, pipeline mutidrizzle image orientation, Whirlpool Galaxy data release, and paper products for ACS.
Inge Heyer 11 Apr 2005

ACS+WFPC2 STAN, 6 Oct 2004
This ACS+WFPC2 STAN covers topics pertinent to the preparation of Cycle 14 Phase I proposals (the deadline is 21 January 2005). Topics include: MultiDrizzle, new available documents, geometric distortion corrections, reference files, and recent publications.
Inge Heyer 06 Oct 2004

ACS+WFPC2 STAN, 19 April 2004
This ACS+WFPC2 STAN primarily covers topics pertinent to the preparation of Cycle 13 Phase II proposals (the deadline is 14 May 2004). Topics include: pure parallels, cross-talk, MultiDrizzle, pixel area maps, dithering to remove hot pixels, and a pointing pattern library.
Inge Heyer 19 Apr 2004

ACS + WFPC2 STAN, 10 Dec 2003
This is the first ACS + WFPC2 STAN. It primarily covers topics pertinent to the preparation of Phase I proposals (the Cycle 13 proposal deadline is 23 Jan 2004). Topics include: handbooks, ETCs, pipeline/drizzling, calibration plans, and photometry.
Max Mutchler 09 Dec 2003

ACS STAN, 3 Apr 2003
This is an update for ACS users who are about to begin writing their Phase II proposals for Cycle 12. It includes new information about hot pixels, dithering, exposure time calculation, CTE, subarrays, coronography, Tiny Tim, and several calibration issues. New ACS users should subscribe to receive future issues of the ACS STAN.
Max Mutchler 04 Feb 2003

ACS STAN, 2 Jan 2003
The latest ACS news: coronograph, calibration outsourcing, red sensitivity, FGS alignment, hot pixels, cosmic rays, drizzling, grism... and much more!
Max Mutchler 02 Jan 2003

ACS STAN, 9 Aug 2002
The latest ACS news: new flat field calibration files, synphot tables, and PyDrizzle version.
Max Mutchler 08 Aug 2002

ACS STAN, 28 Jun 2002
This is the first e-mail newsletter or "STAN" for ACS. Keep up with the latest ACS news by subscribing to receive future issues.
Max Mutchler 28 Jun 2002