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ETC software has been upgraded to ETC (20.1).

PyETC (ETC 20.1) Users Guide

Read also the ETC News and Known Issues.

However coronographic ACS modes are not included in the upgrade and users interested on these modes should refer to the ACS Coronagraphic modes documentation.

17 Feb 2011:
Advice for Phase I Proposers on CTE corrections and the ETC

Phase I proposers should note that the ACS ETC does not take into account the effects of CTE when predicting S/N ratios. While the pixel-based CTE correction code of Anderson & Bedin will correct the CTE trails by restoring the flux to the source, it will not improve the S/N in the source to be equivalent to that without the effects of CTE. Proposers are therefore advised to consult the ISR of Chiaberge et al. to determine the percentage of flux lost and increase their exposure times accordingly.