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What are the maximum allowable SBC count rates?

	###Bright Object Protection###

     * What are the maximum allowable count rates? 
     The limiting magnitudes with SBC modes are discussed and
     presented in ISR ACS-99-07.
     For practical considerations, a GO needs to remember that
     damage begins at ~200x (6 mag.) brighter than the limits provided
     in the first row of Table 3 of this ISR.
     For the general field, a GO observation will automatically pass
     screening if there are no stars within 6 mag. of the limits in the
     first row. If brighter stars are present, the GO will be asked to change
     targets, or select another filter, or provide UV flux information for the
     offending stars. If these remedies are not available, ST may provide
     color measurements of the offending stars. GOs are
     encouraged to read carefully the above mentioned ISR and Cycle 10/11
     Call for Proposal instructions.
     The Exposure Time Calculators will issue a warning when global and local
     limits are reached by an exposure.

     * What information do I need to supply to my CS to allow him/her to
     verify that my target is safe? 
     A GO will be asked to provide magnitude and color information for
     imaging observations and flux information for spectroscopic
     observations. Additional information (e.g. UV flux) may be requested,
     should bright object limits issues exist.