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How do I change the configuration from my Phase I submission?


     ###Change request/Duplications###
     * If I need to change my configuration from my Phase I submission
     what do I do ?
     First please follow the duplication checking procedures in section 
     5.2.2 of HST Call for proposals for Cycle 12. Then follow the 
change request procedures.

     * What do I do if I think another observer is duplicating my
     observations  ?

     After all the Phase II submissions are in, we will be performing a
     detailed duplication check for all Cycle 12 programs, comparing the
     observations with both other Cycle 12 programs as well as
     previous cycle observations. If you have found a real duplication, it
     should be caught in this review, and will be resolved according to our
     policies. However, you should feel free to notify your
     PC and CS about the duplication so that they will be prepared to deal
     with it.