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The Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) is a third-generation Hubble Space Telescope (HST) instrument. ACS was installed during HST servicing mission 3B. During servicing mission 4, the ACS WFC was repaired after an electronics malfunction in 2007.

Release of CALACS 2012.2 and new CTE-corrected data products

Late Breaking News

08 Nov 2016 ACS Zeropoints web-tool is now available!

08 Nov 2016 Interactive web-tools demonstrating dragons breath and edge glow are now available!

04 Nov 2016 ISR 16-06 by B. PorterField et al "Here Be Dragons: Characterization of ACS/WFC Scattered Light Anomalies" is now posted

07 Oct 2016 ISR 16-05 by R.J Avila and M. Chiaberge "Photometric Aperture Corrections for the ACS/SBC" is now posted

19 Aug 2016 ISR 16-03 by Ralph C. Bohlin "Perfecting the Photometric Calibration of the ACS CCD Cameras" is now posted.

04 May 2016 The ACS Team has now updated its Data Handbook to Version 8.0.

25 Mar 2016 ISR 16-02 by R.J. Avila "SBC Internal Lamp P-flat Monitoring" is now posted.

16 Mar 2016 The new WFC distortion solution has been integrated into the OPUS pipeline and is now available. More details are available on the Distortion Page.

19 Jan 2016 The ACS Instrument Handbook for Cycle 24 (Avila et al.) is now available.

06 Jan 2016 ISR 16-01 by D. Borncamp and P. Lim "Satellite Detection in Advanced Camera for Surveys/Wide Field Channel Images" is now posted.

22 Aug 2015 ISR 15-07 by R. C. Bohlin "Flat Field Determinations Using an Isolated Point Source" is now posted.

26 Jun 2015 ISR 15-06 by V. Kozhurina-Platais "ACS/WFC Revised Geometric Distortion for DrizzlePac" is now posted.

23 Jun 2015 ISR 15-03 by S. Ogaz "Post-Flash Calibration Darks for the Advanced Camera for Surveys Wide Field Channel (ACS/WFC)" is now posted.

12 May 2015 Updated coefficients for the CTE photometric correction formula were derived based on data obtained during Cycle 18 through 22. The updated coefficients are now implemented in the correction calculator web-tool. The new version includes the option of correcting photometry obtained with 3 or 5-pixel aperture radius.

AstroDrizzle has replaced MultiDrizzle as the software package used by the on-the-fly reprocessing pipeline to combine dithered observations and generate drizzled images.

More information about AstroDrizzle can be found here:

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Current ACS Status

SBC is operating nominally.

HRC is not operational.

WFC is operating nominally.