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Advanced Camera for Surveys

The Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) is a third-generation Hubble Space Telescope (HST) instrument. ACS was installed during HST servicing mission 3B. During servicing mission 4, the ACS WFC was repaired after an electronics malfunction in 2007.

Release of CALACS 2012.2 and new CTE-corrected data products

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Late Breaking News

News Archive

16 Feb 2018 ISR 18-01 by V. Kozhurina-Platais et al, "Accuracy of the HST Standard Astrometric Catalog w.r.t. Gaia"

29 Dec 2017 ISR 17-13 by J.E. Ryon et al, "Accounting for Readout Dark in ACS/WFC Superbiases" is now posted.

29 Dec 2017 ISR 17-06 by A. Bellini et al, "Post-Flash Validation of the new ACS/WFC Subarrays" is now posted.

27 Oct 2017 ISR 17-08 by S.L Hoffmann and J. Anderson, "A Study of PSF Models for ACS/WFC" is now posted.

11 Sept 2017 ISR 17-12 by A. Bellini et al, "The Hubble Space Telescope "Program of Last Resort" is now posted.

16 June 2017 ISR 17-05 by D. Borncamp et al, "Pixel History for Advanced Camera for Surveys Wide Field Channel" is now posted.

03 May 2017 ISR 17-04 by R.J. Avila "Updated Measurements of ACS/SBC Dark Rates" is now posted.

17 April 2017 ISR 17-03 by D. Golimowski et al, "New Subarray Readout Patterns for the ACS Wide Field Channel" is now posted.

Current ACS Status

SBC is operating nominally.

HRC is not operational.

WFC is operating nominally.