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ACS Performance Overview

Through these pages we intend to keep the community informed about the status of the ACS as well as provide information on its calibration, including discussions of calibration strategies.

SBC is operating nominally.

HRC is not operational.

WFC is operating nominally.

16 May 2012 New ACS STAN has been released.

10 May 2012 CALACS 2012.2 with CTE-corrected data products will be released on May 16.

19 Apr 2012 TIR 12-01 by Pey Lian Lim "Bias and Dark Calibration of ACS/WFC Data: Post-SM4 Automated Pipeline" is now posted.

12 Mar 2012 ISR 12-03 by Ubeda, L., and Anderson, J. "Study of the evolution of the ACS/WFC charge transfer efficiency" is now posted.

10 Feb 2012 ISR 12-02 by Golimowski, David, et al "Pixel-based correction of the ACS/WFC signal-dependent bias shift" is now posted.

07 Feb 2012 ISR 12-01 by Ralph Bohlin "Flux Calibration of the ACS CCD Cameras IV. Absolute Fluxes" is now posted.

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