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ACS-Repair Status

The ACS team will post late-breaking information here regarding the status of the ACS repair (ACS-R) to be conducted during Hubble Servicing Mission 4 (currently planned for May 2009). A recent STScI Newsletter article (PDF) gives a nice overview of the ACS repair.

Repair Complete

Astronauts John Grunsfeld and Drew Feustel have completed the ACS Repair during STS-125 EVA 3. The Aliveness and Functional Tests show the new WFC CEB-R to be working as expected and the WFC camera has been returned to operation. During the ACS System Functional Test, the HRC camera experienced an error thought to likely be a result of a short in the power bus. The HRC camera is currently powered down and unavailable.

Posters with ACS-R information:
Jan 2008 AAS meeting (PDF)
Jan 2008 Bologna meeting (PDF)
June 2008 AAS meeting (PDF)

There will be no changes to the available CCD gain settings for HRC.
For WFC, gain settings of 0.5, 1.0, 1.4, 2.0 (e-/DN) will be available. Only gain 2.0 is supported in Cycle 18.