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ACS/WFC File Suffixes, Primary Header Keywords, and Location of New Reference Files

File Suffix Description Units
_CRJ Cosmic ray corrected FITS image electrons
_CRC Cosmic ray and CTE-corrected FITS image electrons
_FLT Flat-field corrected FITS image electrons
_FLC Flat-field and CTE-corrected FITS image electrons
_DRZ Drizzled FITS image electrons/sec
_DRC Drizzled CTE-corrected FITS image electrons/sec

Header Keyword Description
CTE_NAME Name of CTE algorithm.
CTE_VER Version of CTE algorithm.
PCTETAB File containing CTE correction parameters.
PCTERNCL PCTE read noise level. Default value is 5.0.
PCTENSMD Read noise mitigation mode. Possible values:
0 (no smoothing)
1 (normal smoothing, default)
2 (strong smoothing)
PCTETRSH Pixels taken below this threshold by CTE correction are re-corrected with a smaller correction. Default value is -10.
PCTESMIT PCTE readout simulation iterations.
PCTESHFT PCTE readout number of shifts.
PCTEFRAC CTE time scaling value.

The PCTETAB reference table, as well as the DKC files, are now listed on the ACS Dynamic Reference file pages.

A summary of both types of reference files is located at the bottom of:

The PCTETAB is listed at:
The DKC files are listed at: