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**This software is not supported by the ACS Instrument Team**

A new set of FORTRAN routines were developed by Jay Anderson for use with the Hubble Frontier Fields datasets, consisting of two routines. The first, hst2galign, aligns dithered images of the same field. The second, hst2selfcal, will correct calibration artifacts in a suite of images that are not corrected with normal processing. This software has been used for the calibration of the final released Hubble Frontier Fields images. We are releasing these routines for general use on ACS/WFC and WFC3/UVIS data. Please keep in mind that this software is not supported, and has not been tested on a wide variety of cases outside of the Hubble Frontier Fields datasets.


The routines are available for download below. You will also find a tarball containing a test suite of data, including all expected outputs. We also provide a short cookbook that includes instructions on how to run both hst2galign and hst2selfcal.

hst2galign code

hst2selfcal code

Selfcal Cookbook

Test Data

More information

For more details on hst2galign please see ISR (ACS 14-03 - WFC/UVIS 14-23)

Created by: Sara Ogaz. Last updated: February 27, 2015