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COS Monitors

Monitor NameMonitorAnalysis
COS Monitors
Exposure MonitorTaylorPenton
Dark Acq Monitor LockwoodPenton
No-count Exposure Monitor LockwoodPenton
Buffer Overflow Monitor LockwoodPenton
Shutter Closed Monitor LockwoodPenton
Dark Exposure MonitorLockwoodPenton
Stim Pulse MonitorElySahnow
FUV DCE MonitorElySahnow
Counters LockwoodShanow
Cumulative Image MonitorElySahnow
Acquisition Monitors
Blind Pointing MonitorLindsayPenton
PEAKXD Correctness MonitorLindsayPenton
Search Accuracy MonitorLindsayPenton
Imaging Accuracy MonitorLindsayPenton
PEAKD Aperture Vignetting MonitorLindsayPenton
OSM Monitors
OSM Drift MonitorLindsayPenton
LAMPFLASH MonitorLindsayPenton

Acquisition Monitor Results

Monitor NameCurrent ResultsCumulative Results
Blind PointingCurrentCumulative

The Blind Pointing monitor determines the blind pointing offset of all COS targets during the indicated time period, split by FGS. Whilst the individual results are not significant, any overall bias in the result set may indicate a misalignment between COS and the FGS system.

The ACQ/SEARCH monitor tests the accuracy of ACQ/SEARCH observations based on search size, optical element, search SNR, and time. It also examines the along-dispersion and cross-dispersion search errors in order to show any systematic offset.

The ACQ/IMAGE monitor examines the residual error as a function of target count rate, time, and SNR. In addition, it examines the reported location of the wavecal lamp as a function of time, looking for any trends.

The ACQ/PEAKXD monitor tests the current Y-walk in two ways — by taking ACQ/IMAGE exposures that are followed by FUV spectroscopy and determining where a PEAKXD exposure would have placed the target, and by examining PEAKXD acquisitions followed by exposures to determine the offset from nominal recorded by calcos. It also examines NUV PEAKXD acquisitions followed by spectroscopy, although Y-walk is not expected to be a significant problem in the NUV.

Finally, the ACQ/PEAKD monitor provides a rough picture of the aperture vignetting.

Dark Monitor Results

OSM Drift Monitor Results

Monitor NameCurrent ResultsCumulative Results
OSM DriftCurrentCumulative

Previous Monitor Results and Monitors under Development

COS Telemetry Trends

DCE Weekly Detector Current Monitor

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