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Newletters (STANs) Space Telescope Analysis Newsletters (STANs) are sent to observers via email, whenever there is news that may affect observation planning or analysis.
Instrument Handbook The Instrument Handbook is the primary guide to the characteristics and use of the instrument. It is also available in PDF format.
Data Handbook The HST Data Handbook is the primary reference for data format and analysis information.
Instrument Science Reports ISRs are technical reports written by the COS Group staff about various aspects of the instrument and data. They usually contain in depth information about a specific topic.
Calibration Workshop Papers The 2010 workshop presentations included a variety of COS-related subjects ranging from its commissioning and characterization to the most recent advances in data calibration.
Conference Posters COS posters presented at various conferences.
Information Brochure May 2012 The COS Information Brochure contains an overview of the instrument's capabilities (PDF).

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New in the Last 45 Days

ISR 2017-22: COS NUV Focus Sweep
D. Sahnow 31 Aug 2017

ISR 2017-21: Characterization of the COS FUV Detector Modal Gain at LP4
D. Sahnow 28 Aug 2017

ISR 2017-20: Quick-check of the COS/FUV G130M Spectral Resolution at Lifetime Position 4
P. Sonnentrucker 25 Aug 2017

ISR 2017-19: Optimization of COS/FUV Spectrum Placement at Lifetime Position 4
G. De Rosa 24 Aug 2017

ISR 2017-18: Cycle 23 COS Target Acquisition Monitor Summary
S. Penton 23 Aug 2017

ISR 2017-17: Focusing the COS/FUV G160M and G140L Gratings at Lifetime Position 4
A. Fox 22 Aug 2017

ISR 2017-16: FUV Focus Sweep Exploratory Program for COS at LP4
P. Sonnentrucker 21 Aug 2017

ISR 2017-15: Summary of Cycle 23 Program- COS Pure Parallel Observations of Geocoronal Lyα
J. White 18 Aug 2017