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Cosmic Origins SpectrographInstrument Handbookfor Cycle 20 > Chapter 12: The COS Calibration Program > 12.3 SMOV4 Testing and Calibration

The primary goal of the Observatory Verification program for Servicing Mission 4 (SMOV4) was the timely commissioning of HST for normal science operations. For the newly-installed COS, this included testing the focus (internal and external), verifying the target-acquisition procedures, monitoring instrument stability (both in terms of image motions and sensitivity), and measuring plate scales, line-spread functions, and other instrument parameters. SMOV4 observations were completed in 2009 October, and a series of Instrument Science Reports (ISRs) detailing the results of their analysis have been published. Those ISRs and the observing programs on which they are based are listed in Table 12.1.
Table 12.1: COS ISRs Resulting from SMOV Calibration Program

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