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Cosmic Origins SpectrographInstrument Handbookfor Cycle 20 > Chapter 12: The COS Calibration Program > 12.4 Cycle 17 Calibration Program

The Cycle 17 calibration program continued the testing begun during SMOV. It included long-term programs to monitor the sensitivity and wavelength scale of both the NUV and FUV detectors. Midway through Cycle 17, additional calibration programs were added. Brief descriptions of these programs are presented in Table 12.2. A comprehensive review of the Cycle 17 calibration program will be published in an upcoming ISR (Osten et al. 2011).
Table 12.2: Cycle 17 Calibration Program
S/N per resel of 30 at λcen for G140L and G130M;
S/N ~ 60, observed to predicted count-rate accuracy of 1%
wavelength zero-point accuracy of 5.7-7.5 pixels for G130M, 5.8-7.2 for G160M, 7.5-12.5 for G140L
Extending COS/ G130M Coverage Down to 905 with Two New Central Wavelengths
STIS/E230M Data to Determine Internal-to-External

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